Oak Dining Tables

We are pleased to offer you our ranges of sustainably sourced premium Oak Dining Tables that are manufactured to a high standard by expert furniture makers. Whether you require a compact table for two or one that will seat up to 20, such as our Monastery dining tables, you'll find them here at Oak Furniture UK. We have rectangular, round, oval and square, fixed top and extendable top designs, all with matching items to complete the look.

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    Westbury Rustic Oak Extending Dining Table - Westbury Furniture

    Westbury Rustic Oak Extending Dining Table

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    High Park Pippy Oak Large Extending Dining Table - High Park Furniture

    High Park Pippy Oak Large Extending Dining Table

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79 Products

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Creating your perfect space

When you are creating a look for the rooms in your house, an oak table makes an excellent centrepiece for your design. This is particularly true in the kitchen or dining room. A good table opens up the potential for memorable occasions and shared time. At Oak Furniture, we have a wide range of oak tables to choose from, so you can choose the right one for the experiences you want to have.

Why choose an oak table?

We offer pieces made from different materials, but oak is a popular choice. Qualities you experience when you buy an oak table include:

● Durability – oak is one of the longest lasting table materials and it can withstand heat and pressure well.
● Natural look and feel – oak comes in different shades so you can choose the one that blends with the rest of your decor.
● Sustainable – we work with providers who care about the future of our forests and have environmentally conscious management plans in place.

What shape will you choose?

At Oak Furniture, we offer many different shapes and sizes when it comes to oak tables. Measure your space to determine how much room you have to work with. Allow a clear space around the table if you are working in a smaller area. Once you know what size you are looking for, the shape is up to you.

A round table can feel more relaxed whereas a long, rectangular table might be more formal or work well if you have a large family. You can always consider an extendable table if you want to have the option of a big party while still being able to give yourself space when you need it.


Your choice of seating completes the look of your room. You can choose grand chairs, a modern and funky look, or a set that matches your table. At Oak Furniture, we frequently offer deals on our pieces when you purchase four or more chairs with any dining table, you get an additional 10% discount. Put this together with free delivery when you spend more than £399 and you have every reason to choose an oak table from our range.