Oak Furniture Uk Environmental Policy

At Oak Furniture Uk, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously to ensure our sustainable wooden furniture has as little environmental impact as possible. This level of care is engrained in our products, staff and suppliers. We want to share our policies with you, so you can make an informed choice about the furniture you buy.

  • Sourcing Sustainably
    We always ensure that all our furniture is sustainably sourced. We are always researching how to improve our sustainable supplies, and constantly make sure we are as green as possible across the total range of our operations.
  • Reducing Fuel Usage
    We are working with our suppliers to minimise fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. Detailed distribution planning helps us make transport more efficient, reducing our energy needs and minimising our impact on the environment.
  • Recycling Material
    When trading both in store and online, many of the resources we consume are recyclable. A fundamental part of our environmental policy is to aim to use recyclable and renewable resources at every opportunity.
  • Reducing Energy Usage in Store
    In store, we are constantly improving our energy reduction plans, and are taking concrete steps to continue lowering our energy consumption.