White Dining Room Furniture

Here we offer White Painted Dining Room Furniture with oak tops. You will find extendable and fixed top dining tables in sizes small, medium and large and a choice of dining chairs. We also have sideboards, dressers and much more. All the white painted dining room ranges we offer are manufactured by experts in the furniture industry to high standards employing the best of modern and traditional techniques to ensure longevity. Each piece is completed with a hard-wearing finish that will make cleaning it a breeze, and help keep it in pristine condition.

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White dining room furniture

A brand-new piece of white dining room furniture such as dining tables, dining chairs or dressers will instantly add luxury and elegance to your dining room.

White furniture is very popular because of its ability to match other colours and features. White is particularly good in modern and contemporary dining rooms and a favourite amongst those with a small dining area, as white helps create a sense of space.

Our range of white dining room furniture

We provide a range of white dining room furniture that compliments your home. All our dining room products are made using the finest oak wood and are crafted beautifully by our expert engineers. You may worry about white being a light colour that highlights stains, but you don’t need to worry because each product is completed with a hard-wearing finish that makes cleaning easy.

White dining tables

Our white dining tables are constructed brilliantly using the finest hardwood into stylish and elegant pieces that can truly transform your dining room. The dining tables are modern and contemporary in design and we also have a selection of white dining room chairs. We have many sizes of dining tables that come in small, medium and large, and some that are extendable and fixed top.

White dining chairs

We have both modern and rustic white dining chairs that we supply that are perfect for those wanting to create a clean, modern white dining table and chair set. Not only are the dining chairs built to perfection with solid oak, but they are extremely comfortable, allowing you to sit on them for hours without any discomfort.

White dining room storage

We need storage for household and dining items such as cutlery and crockery, or even things like board games in dining rooms. Whilst space is important in the dining room, it is important to incorporate storage. We supply sideboards and dressers to help you store your dining essentials. Our white dining room storage solutions are not only practical but beautiful too. They are not overwhelming or distracting.

White dining room furniture deals at Oak Furniture UK

Since our founding, we have continuously learned about the customer experience when purchasing furniture which has allowed us to understand that discounts for loyal customers are a way we can show our appreciation. We, therefore, offer a 10% discount for those buying 3 or more items from the same range.

Furthermore, we offer free shipping on orders that are over £399.

To learn more about our services and products, please feel free to contact us.