Living Room Furniture

When looking for your new Living Room Furniture, you would want it to be of excellent quality, built to last and at the right price. We are confident that is what you will find with all our living room ranges. There is everything you would need to give your room a complete makeover, from sideboards and dressers to coffee tables, lamp tables and much more in a variety of woods including light oak, rustic oak, painted oak and ash. Shop now for great deals.

Oak Living Room Furniture, From Classic to Contemporary

Modern Living Room Furniture at Competitive Pricing

When looking for new oak living room furniture for your home, you’re likely concerned about its quality. At Oak Furniture UK, we’re confident you’ll find excellent quality living room furniture that is built to last and at the best price in our living room ranges. We have everything you need to give your living room a complete makeover, from sideboards and dressers to coffee tables, lamp tables, and much more in a variety of woods, including light oak, dark oak, rustic oak, painted oak, and ash. Shop now for great deals on our website or visit us in person at our 5,000-square-foot furniture store in Workington, Cumbria!

Why You Should Consider Oak Living Room Furniture

You can’t go wrong when you select oak living room furniture for your home. Whether you choose light or dark oak furniture, you can expect the same benefits, which include all of the following and more:


Oak is England’s national tree, praised for its strength and lasting endurance. This “king of the forest” is a durable hardwood, making it ideal for weight-bearing furniture in your living room. From bookcases and DVD storage units to coffee tables and display cabinets, you won’t ever have to worry about your new oak furniture not being able to hold your items. Adding a finish or varnish will only strengthen your investment over the years, protecting your oak furniture’s beauty from fading, staining, or cracking.

Timeless Appeal

Oak furniture evokes elegance and comfort, making it the perfect choice for luxury living room furniture. Its rich, distinct grains give it an attractive appearance. Oak furniture can be painted or stained to suit any unique preference. Combined with various upholstery and drapery options, oak furniture can transform any living room into something that looks as fancy as anything gracing the pages of a magazine. You needn’t worry about oak furniture ever going out of style, as it has a timeless beauty.

Easy to Clean

Regular dusting with a soft cloth and a natural oil-based cleaner (avoid cleaners with harsh chemicals) is all you must do to maintain oak living room furniture. To preserve the functionality and appearance of your new oak furniture, we suggest keeping it out of direct sunlight and away from damp conditions that could cause the wood to warp or rot. Oak is scratch-resistant, making it perfect for families with pets and young children. It doesn’t break, damage, or stain very easily, so don’t be afraid to invest in it.

Complements Any Home Décor

Available in light and dark varieties with differing finishes and varnishes, oak furniture complements any home décor, from traditional to modern. While oak furniture ages, it won’t ever feel outdated or old-fashioned in your home – we can’t say the same about all the plywood furniture trends that have come and gone over the years. No wonder it’s a favourite of interior designers and craftsmen alike. Elevate your home’s style and choose a coloured stain to give your oak furniture a one-of-a-kind look.

Built to Last

Thanks to the luxury, high-quality materials involved, modern oak living room furniture is built to last. If you’re interested in passing down furniture from generation to generation, you can’t go wrong with oak. It’s a robust, sturdy furniture option that will withstand the test of time and any daily demands placed upon it by your family. Because of its versatility, oak furniture blends with both simple and intrinsic designs for a harmonious look and feel in any room of your home.

A Range of Luxury Living Room Furniture Designs

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably spend a lot of time in your sitting room, entertaining friends, family, and other guests. Oak Furniture UK carries a diverse selection of luxury living room furniture designs to suit any budget and style. Browse our high-quality furniture pieces, including:

· Bookcases – From tall and narrow to short and stout, we have bookcases of all varieties.

· Coffee Tables – We have coffee tables in all sizes, shapes, and colours with drawers and shelves.

· Console Tables – Our selection of hall console tables come in all wood types, sizes, and styles.

· DVD Storage Units – Store your home’s DVD or CD collection in style with a new storage unit.

· Display Cabinets – From knickknacks to artwork, display cabinets are a practical place for items.

· HIFI Cabinets – No music lover should be without one of our gorgeous, solid wood HIFI cabinets.

· Lamp & Sofa Tables – Every lamp or sofa table we sell is solidly constructed and sustainably sourced.

· Nest of Tables – Whether you prefer a nest of two or three tables, you won’t be disappointed with our assortment of styles.

· Sideboards – Our two-door, three-door, and four-door sideboards will look pristine in any room.

· Sofas – From armchairs and bespoke sofas to chaise sofas and sofa beds, we have several options to keep you comfortable in your living room.

· Storage Boxes – Could you use additional storage space in your living room? Try one of our solid hardwood storage boxes!

· TV Units – Our TV units come in light oak, rustic oak, ash, mango, and painted oak options.

· Telephone Tables – Our stylish telephone tables come with drawers, shelves, and cupboards.

· Wall Mirrors – Whether hung in a portrait or landscape position, our solid wood-framed wall mirrors can brighten up any space.

· Welsh Dressers – Our Welsh dressers come with glazed tops and open-top sections to showcase your home décor in classic and contemporary designs.