Important Product Information.

You may already be aware of the disruption in the supply chain of imported goods which is affecting many businesses, including the furniture industry.

Many container ships are finding that they can’t enter ports to unload their cargo and are being turned away, and because there are so many containers still on board these vessels, it has contributed to a lack of returning empty containers, disrupting the supply chain further.
Because of this, there are a number of the products that we offer that have an extended lead time before delivery can take place.

In light of this, before placing your order, we would advise that you contact us on 01900 871006 or email customer services to find out the availability of the item or items you are interested in. This situation may improve in the next month or so.
We will update this page when matters improve and stock levels return to normal and in the meantime, we can process your order offline and ask you for a deposit only so you are not laying out money unnecessarily so and collect the balance when we arrange delivery of your order.

Thank you for your understanding and support during these unprecedented times.